About Us




Green Connections is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to Earth education in Oklahoma. Its mission is to provide programs focused on education about ecology, peace and justice for the purpose of empowerment of oppressed communities and protection of the Earth.

Current projects include work with:

Transition OKC http://www.transitionokc.org/

Apprenticeships and Hands in the Soil—Clergy at CommonWealth programs at CommonWealth Urban Farms http://commonwealthurbanfarms.com/clergy-at-commonwealth/

An educational journey to Detroit’s 1500 community gardens with the Human Community Network.

Board Members
Vicki Rose, Josh Buss, Adam Price, Tom Temple, Sara Braden, Jeni Markham Clewell, Amber Lee Gulilat, Pat Hoerth. Advisory group: Bruce Johnson, Barbara Hagan.