Think Oklahoma City is just a big flat place covered in asphalt and big buildings? Think again!

Join Green Connections on a tour of some of the Greenest Treasures in Oklahoma City. We’ll visit two active thriving urban farms, both hidden right in plain sight and bringing a breath of fresh air to surrounding neighborhoods. We will also pay a visit to Fertile Ground, a worker-owned cooperative that provides residential and commercial recycling and composting services to people and businesses throughout Oklahoma City. It will be a memorable stroll through the greener side of OKC!

Free childcare will be available during the tour.

Here’s how to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

1. Read the details:

  • We will meet at 8:30am in the parking lot of Crown Heights United Methodist Church, on the NW corner of NW 37th and Western
  • We will travel together in a 15-passenger van to all locations on the tour (masks will be required on the van)
  • After the tour, we will have lunch together (location to be determined)
  • We will return to Crown Heights UMC after lunch (approximately 2pm)
  • QUESTIONS? Fill out THIS FORM and we will get back to you as soon as possible

2. Fill out and submit this form:

Please provide your cell phone # so we can communicate with you during the tour, if needed
Please supply the name and phone number of a person NOT ON THE TOUR who we can contact in case of emergency

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